Being bullied for Hijrah, Five Vi makes a police report

Fivey Rachmawati or better known as Five Vi was the target of bullying by several netizens related to her decision to hijrah and no more wearing sexy clothes. After feeling annoyed, this 40-year-old woman then reported to the police.

As is known, Five Vi is known to have moved since some time ago. She now wears a very closed outfit, a stark contrast to her very revealing appearance in recent years.

But what happened was Netizen’s behavior, several social media accounts uploaded two photos of Five Vi. One photo shows the past of the artist who appeared in sexy clothes, while another photo shows her when she was wearing a hijab.

There’s nothing really wrong, but captions that include these photos tend to corner the artist.

Initially, Five Vi had already reprimanded the owner of the account, but because the reprimand was not responded to, she finally reported it to the authorities.

“I immediately reprimanded him, I immediately gave a comment under it, but instead I was attacked on various sides, which ended up being bullied,” said Five Vi.

In fact, the account that uploaded the photo even attacked Five Vi which was then followed by several other netizens. This is what makes Five Vi even more determined to make a police report.

“Not yet (apologize). Precisely because hhe continued with his bullying, I went to law,” said Five Vi.

Surpani Sulaiman, who is Five Vi’s attorney in this case, explained several articles related to the bullying case against his client.

“Concerning Five Vi, it is more related to the ITE law article 28 in conjunction with Article 30 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, what is clear is that hate speech and even the social values ​​contained in it violate,”

“There are 2 factors that we consider sufficient to report because they prove to meet the requirements of the report from our client,” said Surpani Sulaiman.

Being bullied often occurs on social media and afflicts artists. Not a few who in the end apologized and ended up being peaceful.

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