Being called “used to be ugly”, this is Aurel Hermansyah’s response…

Indonesian singer, Aurel Hermansyah recently guested on Deddy Corbuzier’s Podcast Channel. In the conversation, the two discussed several things, including appearance.

Initially, Deddy greeted Aurel kindly with praise that the current appearance of Anang Hermansyah’s daughter were very attractive and liked by men.

But at the end of his greeting, Deddy actually said that Aurel used to be ugly, while laughing mockingly.

“Aurel … you are beautiful, you have white teeth, your face is beautiful. You are really beautiful, you know. When you were still a little girl, you’re ugly ha ha ha,” said Deddy.

Responding to the statement, Aurel then answered casually, because according to her almost everyone ever been at that time.

“Uncle, it’s like everyone was there at that time,” said Aurel.

“In bad times, huh?” said Deddy Corbuzier.

“I’m not saying bad, I mean puberty,” Aurel said again.

Deddy then replied that Aurel should not be discouraged, instead he should feel proud because she was called “used to be ugly”, instead of being called “used to be beautiful” but now it’s even ugly.

“Yes, but it’s okay. If someone says you used to be ugly, that’s okay. Instead of people saying you were beautiful before,” said Deddy.

Hearing the words of Kalina Oktavia’s ex-husband, Aurel paused to think, then admitted that what Deddy had said was true.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Aurel.

“If you say you used to be beautiful, now it’s ugly. It’s better if you were ugly before,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

Because of that, Aurel then thanked him, because her appearance was better now than before.

“Alhamdulillah,” concluded Aurel.

It is undeniable that Aurel Hermansyah’s appearance since growing up has been very different. In fact, this made her in the spotlight, to the point that some people thought she had done plastic surgery.

But of course, this accusation was immediately denied, Aurel emphasized that her direct body and pure white face were obtained from natural treatments. Aurel’s struggle was carried out after being hurt by a man.

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