Being stalked obsessively by fans, Billie Eilish makes a police report

For a public figure, including a musician, having a fan is certainly fun. The presence of fans is needed to increase their popularity and of course support her career.

However, not all fans are just giving support, some are too fanatical about their idols. I was so fanatical, the fans even known all details about the idol.

As is being experienced by a young singer from the United States, Billie Elish. The singer of the song ‘Bad Guy’ is known to have a fan named Prenell Rousseau. This fan is fairly fanatical, even to the point of disturbing the musician’s privacy.

Rousseau allegedly appeared at Billie Eilish’s parents’ house last week and asked whether the singer of ‘Bad Guy’ lived there. Billie Eilish’s father tried to drive her away, saying that he had the wrong address.

However, Rousseau did not give up so easily, she instead returned to the home of Billie Eilish’s parents in the evening and showed a strange attitude like talking to herself. Several times were also expelled, but reluctant to move from its place.

Because of this, Billie Eilish then reported the strange fan to the authorities.

“While we were waiting for security, Rousseau stayed on the porch of our house, sat and read books while talking to herself. My father repeatedly asked him to leave but he refused,” Billie Eilish said as reported by TMZ.

Interestingly, this is not Rousseau’s first attempt to visit Billie’s parents’ house, he has done the same thing 7 times. Rousseau came without masks, gloves, and did not adhere to social distancing, even though the government was intensively applying these rules.

In total, from those 7 occasions, Rousseau has also been detained twice but was released again because he did not commit any violence. Billie Eilish’s lawsuit will take place on June 1, 2020.

Billie Eilish is certainly not the first, before there was the legendary Beatles member, John Lennon who was even killed by one of his fanatical fans. The story of the musician’s murder was also made into a feature film.

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