Kena Pelecehan Seksual, Eks JKT48 Ini Trauma Live Instagram

Being Subject to Sexual Harassment, Ex-JKT48 This Trauma to Live Instagram

Hasyakyla Utami recently discovered an incident that really traumatized her, to be precise when doing a live on Instagram. Former JKT48 personnel are victims of exhibitionism, a special term for one act of sexual harassment.

As one of the public figures who of course has a lot of fans, Hasyakyla has been able to do live Instagram to greet her fans.

Well, recently the 18-year-old woman has returned to live broadcasting on Instagram. At first, the live session went on as usual, where he greeted his fans who were seen joining in on the live broadcast.

Apart from that, Hasyakyla also took the time to do endorsements to the audience. In short, there was nothing strange at the start of the live broadcast.

“I really like wearing bracelets, from junior high school I wore bracelets. At that time I didn’t wear a title for a long time because JKT48, if you perform, you can’t wear accessories,” said Hasyakyla Utami.

Well, at that time there was an account in the name of Lin Waode who was known by Hasyakyla as the JKT48 Dance coach. The account also commented on Hasyakyla’s live broadcast.

“Wearing (bracelet) is a lot of complicated dancing,” said Hasyakyla Utami reading Iin Waode’s comment.

“It’s true, Sis Iin,” said Hasyakyla in response to the comment.

Furthermore, the Lin Waode account wrote a comment containing an invitation to go live simultaneously.

“Live together. Come on, Sis Iin. But, soon I want to eat, already called by the kanjeng Ratu (mother). ‘Sis Iin wants to live together.” said Hasyakyla Utami reading the comment.

Of course Hasyakyla, who knew Lin Waode’s figure exactly, didn’t refuse the invitation, she didn’t feel suspicious or anything. But things that were never expected happened to Hasyakyla Utami.

From the account that invited him to join live, there was a male genitalia, instead of the face of Lin Waode.

Shocked, Hasyakyla immediately ended the live broadcast session, shortly afterward he explained that Lin Waode’s account was being hacked. However, Hasyakyla admitted that she was traumatized by broadcasting directly on Instagram.

“Fix the trauma of live IG forever,” tweeted Hasyakyla Utami on Twitter.

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