Blaise Matuidi really happy to join Juventus

Although two years have passed, it seems that the French midfielder, Blaise Matuidi still feels grateful for the decision he made to move closer to Juventus. According to the former Paris Saint-Germain player, the decision to join Bianconneri was the best decision of his career as a player.

Paris Saint-Germain became the longest-standing club that Blaise Matuidi defended, precisely for six seasons. Then, after six seasons the French national team player decided to move to Italy by accepting proposals from Juventus after being redeemed for 30 million Euros. At Juventus itself, Matuidi’s career was even brighter.

Since joining the summer transfer window in 2017 until now, the 32-year-old figure has always been a mainstay of Bianconneri in midfield, even though the club has changed coaching from Massimilliano Allegri to Maurizio Sarri last summer. So far he has tasted two Italian Serie A titles and once made his way to the European Champions League final.

No wonder that until now, Matuidi is still grateful for his decision to join Juventus, which he considers to be one of his best decisions during his career as a football player.

“Join Juventus? Yes, this is an improvement. As I told you, this is a logical step for my career. Without offending Paris, which is a big club. For me it is very easy to choose. There is no other choice,”

“Especially because Juventus have a style of play that suits me. If it doesn’t suit me, I won’t take this step. I think everything has been done for me to move closer here and indeed for the sake of progress, “he told RMC.

Furthermore, the former Saint-Etienne player revealed Juventus’ determination to become champions in the European Champions League. As is known, Juventus have never won the trophy since the last time in 1996.

“This is a club that has reached the Champions League final in recent years, so this is also a choice for my career. There is ambition to win the Champions League, “said Matuidi.

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