Bonucci: “It was the worst decision to leave Juventus”

Italian National Team defender, Leonardo Bonucci seems so happy to be able returned to Juventus, after having left the Turin club in the 2017/18 season. Bonucci acknowledged that the decision to leave Juventus was the worst decision he had ever taken.

Bonucci has been one of Juventus’ mainstay players over the last few years, he helped the Bianconneri win 6 Scudetto titles in a row, but surprisingly he decided to leave in the summer transfer market last year. Yes, Bonucci decided to join AC Milan, after being redeemed by pocketing 42 million Euros at that time.

Unfortunately, his career in Milan was not so bright, and even tended to disappoint, because besides the Rossoneri could not compete in the title race, Bonucci was also often criticized. Meanwhile, Juventus continued their dominance at the Serie A stage despite Bonucci’s absence. In the end, last summer, Bonucci agreed to return to Juventus.

Now, Bonucci admits he is very happy that he has returned to where he came from, and this 30-year-old admitted that the decision to leave Juventus in the summer transfer market last year was the worst decision.

“There were things that happened in my last four months with Juventus, which certainly hurt my pride and influence myself personally, and I’m not mature enough to let it go.”

“Then, over time and looking from the outside, I realized that leaving Juventus was not the right decision because only here and with this uniform can I express my potential on and off the field. Together with President Agnelli and my agent, I was lucky enough to be back and I realized that was the only thing I wanted,” told Bonucci to Corriere dello Sport.

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