Bonucci returns to Juventus: “they are serious in winning the UCL Trophy”

Along with Leonardo Bonucci’s return to Turin, many Juventus fans were unhappy. But according to Paul Mariner, Bianconneri’s move to repatriate their former mainstay defender is a proof of their seriousness in the effort to win the European Champions League which has not been won for a long time.

As we known, Juventus have indeed repatriated their former mainstay defender Leonardo Bonucci from AC Milan as the Italian national team became one of the exchange options for striker Gonzalo Higuain who went in the opposite direction. Of course, Bonucci’s return was not welcomed by the Juventus tifosi.

Because of the defender they love for the last seven seasons, surprisingly chose to leave directly to rival club AC Milan. Moreover, Bonucci did not respect the Juventus fans, when celebrating when scoring a goal against Gianluigi Buffon last season.

But despite this set of facts, according to Mariner, the club’s policy of repatriating former players is proof of the seriousness in the effort to win the European Champions League title. Especially, Juventus have also succeeded in bringing in the Portuguese mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid through a ransom of 112 Million Euros.

“If you see the commotion made by management, by bringing Ronaldo and Bonucci home, I think that is only a sign, they will pursue the Champions League this year, because they have won the Scudetto consistently,”

“I’m sure to have a big bet on them at 7-1. I think it’s a fantastic bet. They should be able to be higher than that, “Mariner told ESPN FC

In the last three seasons, Juventus did manage to penetrate the two European Champions League finals, unfortunately they later found a failure when they were one step away from winning the annual trophy. Last season, Bianconneri’s move was stopped by Real Madrid in the quarter-finals.

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