Brazilian legend reluctant to see Messi join Inter

Inter Milan fans might have imagined seeing their beloved club bring in an Argentine mega star Lionel Messi. However, Rivaldo did not seem to accept if it was true Messi docked to the San Siro.

In the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, Italian media was busy with the discourse of Lionel Messi’s transfer to Inter Milan. On the one hand, the situation is supported by the fact that Messi will soon be at the end of his contract with Barcelona.

A number of parties appear to be very confident in the idea or discourse of this transfer saga. Massimo Moratti, for example, the former Inter Milan president is very confident that the new Club owner has all the conditions to buy a player of Lionel Messi’s caliber.

Even so, with former Inter Milan player Benoit Cauet, he has the same belief as Massimo Moratti. In fact, according to him, Saga Transfer Messi to Giuseppe Meazza is not just a wild fantasy.

However, Barcelona and Brazilian national team legend Rivaldo did not seem to accept the transfer discourse. Even if Messi had to leave Barcelona, ​​Rivaldo was convinced the six times the world’s best player would not join a European club.

Inter president Massimo Moratti said this week that he could bring Lionel Messi to the club and continue his personal clash with Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy.

But as I said before I don’t believe that the Argentine will leave Barcelona for other European clubs,”

I think he has no reason to leave Spain, but if it happens one day then he can join for a club from China or MLS, but only when he stops being the decider for the Catalan club, “Rivaldo said as reported by Goal International.

Meanwhile, the Argentinian mega star is currently 32 years old, but he is still a mainstay of Barcelona.

Of course, Inter are a big European club that has recruited great players in the past and won several important titles, but I can’t imagine Messi changing clubs when he was at his best level in Barcelona. “

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