Breaking the movie contract, Jefri Nichol sued

Jefri Nichol, who doesn’t know this handsome actor. The main character in the film Dear Nathan is so popular among teenagers today. Naturally, his face added and his posture was also looming high.

The Jakarta-born Actor in fact has starred in many feature films, and most of the films tell about romance among teens. No wonder the figure is so craved by millennials.

Even so, as a public figure, it seems that Jefri Nichol has not been able to set a good example for millennials. After being involved in a narcotics case some time ago, the actor is now involved in the Default Case.

What is default? Default is a condition where a debtor or recipient of money does not carry out the duties according to the existing agreement with the giver of the money. Here, Jefri Nichol deals with Falcon Picture regarding contractual agreements.

It was explained that Jefri Nichol had previously reached an agreement with PT Falcon to play in their film. As released data, Jefri Nichol agreed to a four-film contract with Falcon Pictures.

It was stated, after signing the agreement, Jefri was said to have received an advance of IDR 280 million. However, Jefri was considered to have violated the contract because he had already been involved in the cultivation of another film. Feeling unacceptable, Falcon Picture finally sued the actor.

It was explained that the prosecutors in this case were Jefri Nichol, his mother and manager.

“Defendant is Jefri Nichol as Defendant 1, then Junita Eka Putri Defendant 2, his mother, then Ahmad Baidhowi as Defendant 3, means his manager. This lawsuit is essentially about default, making agreements for filmmaking. It was agreed that there were four movie titles.

But apparently the agreement hasn’t been implemented yet. Jefri had already received an advance according to the suit, amounting to Rp. 280 million. It turns out that Jefri did not fulfill the agreement, instead made or played in another film, “said Public Relations of the South Jakarta District Court, Achmad Guntur.

According to hearsay, Falcon Pictures sent an IDR 4.2 billion fine to Jefri Nichol.

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