Bringing Thiago to Liverpool, Klopp deserves a medal

One of the former Liverpool midfielders, Danny Murphy, thinks that Jurgen Klopp should deserve a medal for successfully bringing Thiago Alcantara to Anfield last summer.

It should be noted, Thiago Alcantara has actually been rumored to be leaving Bayern since the end of the 2019/20 season yesterday. Understandably, his contract at the Allianz Arena has one year left and he has also refused a new contract offer from the club.

There was speculation that the former Barcelona player would join Manchester United. However, in the end, the 29-year-old midfielder joined Liverpool for a transfer fee of 25 million euros.

Many have praised Liverpool regarding their success in recruiting Thiago, including one former club player, Danny Murphy.

According to Murphy, Thiago Alcantara is the only European player who can improve the quality of Liverpool’s midfield.

“I think Thiago is an extraordinary acquisition because he is the only player in Europe who can improve Liverpool’s midfield,”

“Even at 29 years old, he would give Liverpool at least three or four years and it is brilliant business for the costs involved too,” he claims on the Football Index Podcast.

Furthermore, Murphy praised the quality of Thiago Alcantara who could easily manage the game without losing control.

With a price of 25 million euros, according to him Liverpool has already received an extraordinary recruit, so coach Jurgen Klopp deserves a medal for being able to convince Thiago to join Anfield.

“Thiago has the ability to always have the ball because of the movements he makes to create space. He rarely loses the ball when pressed because of his consciousness. ”

“Thiago is really a great signing at that price. Klopp deserves a medal to convince him because Liverpool fans will adore him, “said Murphy.

Thiago himself has made his Liverpool debut for 45 minutes. Had been worried about missing the Marseyside derby tomorrow due to the player being infected with the Corona Virus, but now his condition is fit and has returned to Liverpool’s training session.

If there are no obstacles, Thiago can play in the match against Everton this weekend.

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