Bruno Fernandes shows excitement to make duet with Pogba

In addition to being impatient to take action again on the pitch, Midfielder Bruno Fernandes was also very enthusiastic that the Premier league would be held again because he was impatient to compete with Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba is still a mainstay of Manchester United this season, but he rarely appears due to two different injuries. In fact, because of his last injury Pogba is predicted to not be able to appear again until this season ends.

Luckily for Pogba because the Premier League has been postponed for the past three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this suspension, Pogba is undergoing a period of recovery, the good news is that he is now recovering and ready to play again.

The recovery of Pogba can be said to come at the right time, along with the news of the re-rolling of the English Premier League starting June 17, 2020. In other words, the French National Team midfielder can play again when the remaining 9 games this season are held again.

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandez, who joined Manchester United since January 2020, has never tasted experience with Pogba.

“Yes, of course. I think Paul is one of the best players in Manchester as well as the world. He suffered an injury long enough. The opportunity to play next to him is fantastic, because you always want to play with the best players, “he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Not only Bruno Fernandes who couldn’t wait to make his tandem debut with Pogba, a former Manchester United player, Dimitar Berbatov also can’t wait to see the two collaborating. He believes, Bruno Fernandes and Pogba are a very good combination.

“The combination of the two can be an extraordinary combination and the return of Pogba is a great addition for United,”

“Indeed, one player does not determine what the quality of a team is like, but when you have a player who is highly qualified and confident, then he can provide great assistance for this team to achieve success.” Berbatov said to Betfair.

This second duet of players is certainly expected to help Manchester United reach the target at the end of the season.

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