Burgers fell from sky at Colchester United’s training ground

For the past month, the British public has been excited about the unique events in the English League 2 Championship. Through the official statement of the Colchester United club, they were made confused by a burger that suddenly arrived, and the unique arrival of the food fell from the sky.

This rare moment took place at the club’s training ground, Florence Park. Precisely on Thursday, March 28, 2019, club staff were surprised by the arrival of Hamburger, whose origin is unknown.

The initial response is a shift in the earth which causes this scarcity to occur. And there are also those who think that there is a rare moment. But quickly, the confusion was answered already. Shortly after the burger landed, there was a man named Tom Stanniland who contacted the relationship with the club.

In his confession, the perpetrator said he was conducting an experiment. In practice, Tom flew many hamburgers using a giant balloon. Tom can determine its location thanks to the tracker he has installed in a box that brings burgers to the earth’s atmosphere.

Shortly after his guilty plea to the club, Tom immediately traveled from his home in Sheffield to retrieve the cosmic burger, and immediately apologized for the horrendous incident.

“I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon. The air balloon containing the burger flew above a height of 24 miles and the weather balloon broke. The burger went back down, traveled more than 100 miles and landed here,” said Colchester.

Not wanting to miss the matter of the rare moment, the club ate the hamburger. But apparently due to unusual travel, the taste of fast food is very strange.

“It doesn’t feel good,” said Tom’s confession.

For this incident, the British public was shocked and until now, the news of the fall of the burger from outer space is still excited and social media was made crowded by these rare moments.

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