BWF explain reasons for postponing all competitions in the end of 2020

The Badminton World Federation, BWF recently tried to explain the reasons behind their decision to postpone all badminton tournaments for the end of 2020.

As is well known, many badminton agendas in 2020 must be postponed, either at the national or international levels.

At the International Level, there are many tournaments held by BWF such as Thomas and Uber Cup, Denmark Open 2020 and others. However, all tournaments were postponed.

In fact, the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 have been postponed three times. Finally, BWF has finally decided that the tournament will be held next year.

There are still many other badminton tournaments that have also been postponed. BWF also explained that for now, in the midst of a pandemic that is still worrying, this is the best decision.

“Given the challenges we face, the decision to postpone is the best solution in the current situation.”

“I am confident that with the safety protocols we have in place, three badminton tournaments are ready to resume in 2021,” BWF President Poul-Erik Hoyer told a news conference.

At the beginning of 2021, there will be 3 tournaments that will be held by BWF, including Asia Open I and Asia Open II and BWF World Finals 2020.

Well, the three tournaments will be held in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. The plan starts in November 2020, but has been pushed back until January 2021.

This delay was caused by a request from the Thai Government itself which took a longer time to actually hold a Tournament with adequate health protocols.

In other words, Thailand wants to be a host that can guarantee the health and safety of the athletes participating in the tournament later.

However, this delay caused a lot of criticism from a number of badminton athletes. Including Anders Antonsen, the Danish badminton player admitted that he couldn’t stop thinking about BWF’s decision to postpone the tournament.

“Do we have to wait for the vaccine to be able to compete again? Make the safest rules for holding tournaments. Anyone can attend. If not, the sport will wither and die,” said Antonsen.

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