Carlo Ancelotti denies plans to bring Isco to Everton

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has strongly denied the issue linking his club with Spanish winger Isco as part of the plans for the upcoming winter transfer market.

At the moment, Isco is not in a good situation at Real Madrid. Coach Zinedine Zidane has often sidelined him from the first team since the start of this season.

In fact, a similar situation was experienced by this former Malaga player in the 2019/20 season yesterday. This is a bit surprising considering that previously manager Zinedine Zidane relied heavily on Isco in the wing sector.

No wonder this situation has led to transfer speculation, especially in the near future the winter transfer window will open.

During the past month, Isco himself has been frequently linked with the Premier League club, Everton. The winger is believed to be reuniting with his former coach, Carlo Ancelotti, who has been in charge of the Marseyside team since last season.

But when trying to confirm the speculation, the Italian coach gave his rebuttal. Ancelotti confirmed that rumors of his team will accommodate Isco in January.

The tactician can confirm that the transfer speculation is limited to speculation.

“It is not true that there is news that I want to sign Isco,” said Ancelotti to Direct TV.

In fact, the former Chelsea and AC Milan coach said that to this day Everton have not made any plans regarding the winter transfer window. In other words, there are no names that the club targets to recruit yet.

“We haven’t thought about what we will do in the January transfer window. So these rumors are just nonsense.” he said.
Not having a plan does not mean no, in other words, Everton could consider the option to buy Isco in the summer.

But what will be a barrier is the interest from a number of other clubs in the winger. The London club, Arsenal, is one of the teams that is believed to yearn for Isco.

According to information heard, the Premier League giants are planning to replace Isco with Ozil, who has recently become ‘out of use’ at Arsenal.

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