Carrick Heavy depressed after 2009 Champions League final defeat

Manchester United’s legend, Michael Carrick revealed the depression he had felt after the defeat of Barcelona in the European Champions League final in 2009. In fact, the figure who now works as Jose Mourinho’s assistant judged that the defeat of Barcelona at the time was the lowest point of his career as a football player.

As is known, Michael Carrick did indeed become one of the players who were very relied upon by Manchester United in the Sir Alex Ferguson’s era. He even helped play the English Premier League giants win the European Champions League trophy in 2008. A year later, Manchester United returned to the final round, but Carrick failed to bring MU back to winning the championship trophy.

Faced with Barcelona, ​​Manchester United swallowed a landslide defeat 0-2, each goal scored by Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi. Carrick felt very guilty for the creation of Barcelona’s first goal by Samuel Eto’o. That guilt made him feel deeply depressed and felt it was the worst point of his career as a football player.

“I like feeling depressed. I feel really down. I know that it is depression. I call it depression because it has consequences. I’ve also felt bad after going through several games and sometimes you can forget about it two days later, but that is different. It brings a strange feeling.”

“I often blame myself for [Eto’o’s] goals. I keep asking myself, “Why did I do like that?”, then [depression] flows from there. A year later is still a difficult time. Such things last for a long time,” told Carrick to the reporters.

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