Casillas suffered a heart-attack, now his wife battling with cancer

Destiny is inevitable as well as that experienced by Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas, who has just been diagnosed to have a heart problem and now has to return to receive deep sorrow, because his wife Sara Carbonero has ovarian cancer.

At the end of May 2019, Casillas must be rushed to hospital due to a heart attack, while training with his colleagues in the FC Porto squad. This status requires Casillas to rest in the hospital within a few weeks, and after being declared safe, Casillas finally can go home.

Speculation says if Casillas must hang his shoes. However, the news was denied by the player himself, who gave a signal that he was ready to return. Interestingly here, when a ‘surprise’ has not finished yet, a bigger surprise comes as the wife has had ovarian cancer.

Sara, who officially became his wife in 2016, admitted that she had carried out surgery. But she still has to do several ways so that the cancer does not grow again. This news is known after Sara posted it on her Instagram account.

“When one surprise hasn’t finished for us, life has surprised us again. This time, this six-letter word is still difficult for me to write. A few days ago during the examination, the doctor described a malignant ovarian tumor and I had been operated on,” said Sara on her personal instragram account.

“Everything is fine and luckily we found out on time, but I still have a few months to fight while I get the appropriate treatment. I am calm and believe everything will be fine. I know the road will be difficult but will also have a happy ending. I got support from my family and friends and a great medical team. ”

“I took advantage of this moment to ask my journalist colleagues to show the respect and understanding they always showed me, especially in these difficult and difficult times for me and my family.”

Sara, who won the title of sexiest journalist in the world, has had a relationship with Casillas since 2009. Then, they officially married in March 2016, and had stopped as a journalist as she moved with her husband to Portugal.

Soon, Sara finally returned to Madrid and continued her career. It is known at this time, Sara was in the city of Tarifa, South of Spain, when Iker Casillas had a heart attack on May 1st. So far, there has been no certainty from both sides, and clearly all football lovers pray for the healing of this legendary couple figures.

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