CBF Officially Extends Tite’s Contract until 2022

Despite failing to bring the Brazilian National Team a step further in the 2018 World Cup yesterday, but the Brazilian football federation, the CBF still gives new contracts to their National Team coach, Tite. The contract will keep the master until Qatar World Cup in 2022.

In addition, the Brazilian National Team got the same rankings with their glorious performance throughout the 2018 World Cup qualifiers yesterday. Yes, the Tite squad’s skillful appearances in the qualifying rounds of the Conmebol Zone, where they are unbeaten and blessed to be one of the first teams after the Russian hosts qualify for the finals.

As we known, Tite got admiration for the good performance of his players throughout the qualification. When the competition really took place, Neymar and team showing the ‘normal’ performance. It caused they could not even go through Belgium’s challenge in the quarter-finals and must be eliminated in the round.

It was so disappointing, the discourse of Tite’s dismissal from the manager’s chair, and the 57-year-old coach was also rumored to be the target of some European giants. On the contrary, Brazilian Football or CBF decides to defend Tite in the Manager’s seat. Yes, Tite is officially awarded a contract from the Brazilian Football Federation, where the contract will keep the manager up until 2022 or until the Qatar World Cup.

“Tite and Edu Gaspar have shown their alignment with the values ​​we hold in the CBF, such as talent, competence and dedication, the CBF at this time to ensure the coaching team is for six and a half years. We believe, a careful and intelligent execution plan will bring Brazilian results to the results we expect. ” said by Rogerio Caboclo.

Tite now is certainly happy with the new contract, in 2019, the Brazilian National Team will face Copa America which is planned to be held at their own Headquarters.

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