Celebrity prostitution is on the rise, this sexy influencer admits often ‘being offered’

Recently, the phenomenon of prostitution cases involving celebrities and television artists has been growing. Regarding this, the sexy celebrity, Berlliana Lovell, admits that she also often gets offers to ‘sleep’ together.

As is known, in recent years there have been many cases of online prostitution involving a number of names of artists and celebrities. Called it as Hana Hanifah to Vanessa Angel.

Not to mention the case of a hoax video linking the name of Gading Martin’s ex-wife, Gisella Anastasia.

Berlliana Lovell herself does have a beautiful and sexy image, she even often uploads sexy photos. This also makes many masher men try to tease Berlliana Lovell by offering to spend the night.

The Celebgram admits that they often get offers like that, but she insists that the sexy image of a Celebgram does not necessarily mean that she is a “negotiable” woman.

“In my opinion, not all girls who dare to dress dare to sell themselves. Because I myself do not. If I bargain, I will,” said Berlliana Lovell.

Furthermore, Berlliana Lovell revealed that the offer actually came via DM on Instagram. However, she could confirm that none of the offers she ignored.

“DM, through the manager like that. For example, the manager was immediately blocked because it was annoying. For me, I just let it go, I read it all over. It’s really normal,” she said.

What was surprising was the number of bids being put up by the masher men. The amount varies, ranging from 30 million to a maximum of 100 million Rupiah.

“The range is 30 (million), 40, some are 80, some are 100. (The biggest) is maybe 100,” she said.

Berlliana Lovell said, most of the masher men came from business circles. Interesting because according to him, Indonesian artists usually just try to flirt to date, so it is free of charge.

“Entrepreneurs. If artists seem to be free, yee usually ha ha ha. Oh no, that means that the artist is definitely the one who is approached dating, if the celebrity is more like that,” she added.

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