Celine Evangelista responded to the issue that she had converted to Islam

Stefan William’s wife, Celine Evangelista has recently become the byword of netizens because she is often seen attending a recitation. Many of them assumed that the 28-year-old woman had converted to Islam.

This news circulated after a viral photo of Celine wearing a hijab, where in the photo she was even with her husband, Stefan William.

When asked about the photo, Celine admitted that at that time she was indeed attending a recitation of her friend’s new home.

“That’s when I came to my friend’s recitation, so my friend made a recitation for his house celebration,” explained Celine Evangelista on the YouTube Channel Seleb On Cam.

So, why does Celine appear to be wearing a hijab in the photo? The person concerned explained that he only appreciated the host who was holding the event and happened to have entered the holy month of Ramadan at that time.

“Many of my friends are Muslim too. I am just happy when invited by my friends to deepen religion,”

“That’s because the momentum is fasting, I just appreciate the recitation. My friends have their clothes closed, when I open myself up. So just cover my genitals,” he explained again.

Meanwhile, when asked about the news that he had converted to Islam, Celine gave a vague answer. He only admitted that he had not read about the news.

“Yes, what about what? I don’t know, I haven’t heard (news of converts on online sites), the problem is,” said Celine Evangelista again.

According to the news, Celine Evangelista is currently studying Islam with Ustaz Riza Muhammad. Regarding that, the person concerned admitted that he had known Ustaz Riza for a long time.

“If it’s with Ustaz Riza, it’s been a long time, yes, you’ve known him from a long time ago,” explained Celine Evangelista again.

On the one hand, Ustaz Riza Muhammad himself had previously talked about the news of Celine Evangelista becoming a convert.

“For me, when someone wants to know Islam well, wants to learn, of course it cannot be prohibited. Because it is from the heart, from his will. So we are only able to pray and give our best,” explained Ustaz Riza Muhammad.

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