Changed name on Instagram, Pogba and Maria Zulay officially married?

Paul Pogba who is known as a unique and very different footballer from many normal players, now his name has shaken the stage again because it raises another side of his personal life, including his love life with the idol, Maria Zulay Salaues.

Had drowned after a scene with the news of the girlfriend’s pregnancy, now the two couples re-appear to the public surface that is not much different about the news. All this became very interesting when Maria Zulay changed her name to Zulay Pogba.

Maria Zulay who is known by this model to feel happiness with Pogba after they were both blessed with one beautiful girl. Maria Zulay, who was born in Bolivia, seemed to feel happy because many gossip accounts released news that the two had been secretly married.

The closeness of Maria Zulay with Pogba began to smell since the 2017 season, where Los Angeles witnessed the news appeared. To emphasize that both of them are married are from the big ring symbol worn by Maria Zulay on her right finger.

Trying to strengthen the news, many media also compared what was also used by Pogba, who was seen wearing big rings at the Manchester United awards this season. What Pogba shows is what increasingly makes many people curious.

Not only Pogba, Maria Zulay also made fans wonder the truth of the news. Where the beautiful woman was seen posting a photo while in Paris with the caption “Until the End.” As for the first child of the two hot couples, the second world was born in January 2019.

It’s too easy to clearly see the figure of Maria Zulay, where she often comes to Old Trafford to watch Pogba’s match which always invites her child. Pogba’s happiness was blessed with this one child seen from a celebration he did when he managed to score one goal against Brigthon in April.

The 2018-2019 season was over, now Pogba is focusing on the future of his career with Manchester United because until now the rumor of his departure from Manchester to Real Madrid continues to grow. In this difficult time, Pogba tried to show the positive side of his life by taking time for pilgrimage to Mecca.

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