Chelsea advised not rush in selling Arrizabalaga

Premier League giants, Chelsea are expected to be more careful in determining the fate of Kepa Arrizabalaga. According to Santiago Canizares, the Spanish player could be an important figure in the future.

Since docked at Stamford Bridge in the summer transfer market in 2018, Kepa is not so often relied on by Chelsea. In fact, initially he was recruited to become a successor to Thibaut Courtois.

The situation was even more difficult when Frank Lampard took the manager’s chair. Kepa increasingly rarely get the chance to appear, he even just watched his colleagues play when defeating Wolves in the last Premier League match.

Of course, the decision of coach Frank Lampard is somewhat surprising, because as Chelsea’s main goalkeeper, Kepa will certainly experience a decrease in confidence due to being reserved.

Well, the situation of the former Athletic Bilbao is apparently interesting attention of one of the former top goalkeepers in Europe, Santiago Canizares. According to him, although Kepa did not appear satisfactory, Chelsea still could not be careless in making decisions about the future of the goalkeeper.

He is still young and on the one hand he is not sure that there will be many good goalkeepers available in the transfer market this summer for Chelsea to buy.

“To a great goalkeeper, but it looks like he hasn’t won Lampard’s trust, which is a problem for both parties. It’s hard to find a better goalkeeper than Kepa in the transfer market and it’s also difficult for Kepa to find a club like Chelsea.”

“This disagreement is difficult for me to understand, because I believe it is very important for the goalkeeper and the club to move in the same direction, I hope the problem is resolved soon,” Canizares told Tribalfootball.

Furthermore, Canizarez considered that what Chelsea needed to do now was to help Kepa regain his confidence, not sell the player.

“Yes, it would be a big mistake if Chelsea sold Kepa this summer. Given the current situation, this summer is not the time for big transfers.”

“They should help Kepa find his confidence again, not try to sell it,” he concluded.

Chelsea did spend very big to recruit the goalkeeper. In fact, the official made Kepa the most expensive goalkeeper in history.

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