Chelsea is indeed a strong team, but still not to be a champion candidate

Scott Minto, a former Chelsea player, thinks his former club already has a formidable team at this time, but it seems that he still doesn’t seem to be a champion candidate.

In fact, Chelsea have had a good team since last season, where their ‘makeshift’ composition saw them finish 4th in the final standings.

Then, in the transfer market last summer, the Blues recruited a number of top players including Timo Werner.

With some of the new ammunition, it is clear that Chelsea is stronger than ever. And this has been proven by the recorded positive results.

In fact, a total of 13 matches in all competitions so far, Chesea is unbeaten. Not only that, some parties also believe that the Blues can compete for the Champions League title.

Scott Minto cannot deny this, he also admits that Frank Lampard’s squad is indeed very tough. However, to become champions, Minto considers Chelsea’s quality to be far below Liverpool’s.

“Maybe after Christmas if they have a good performance they are title contenders. I don’t think anyone will say that at the start of the season, ”

“They are not the favorites to win. In the match against Liverpool they were so far away, Liverpool was much classier that day, “claims Minto at Stadium Astro.

However, that opinion does not mean underestimating Chelsea’s chances of winning the title. Minto thinks consistency is the key to a team winning a title, so the Blues need that consistency.

“But if Chelsea continue to do what they are doing, they have struck the perfect balance.”

“Everyone scores goals, they keep clean sheets and don’t concede a lot, at this point things couldn’t be better for Frank Lampard and Jody Morris,” said Minto.

For now, the London Club is ranked 3rd in the Premier League standings with a collection of 22 points, or just two points behind Tottenham at the top.

Meanwhile, Liverpool are in 2nd place with the same number of points as the Spurs.

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