Chelsea most likely to win UCL than Madrid and Barca

The English Premier League giants, Chelsea are considered to have the ability to become champions in the European Champions League this season. In fact, their chances of achieving the title are considered bigger than Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Chelsea’s performance in the European Champions League is indeed quite convincing. Most recently, Frank Lampard’s team managed to beat Sevilla 4-0.

With the victory on the 5th matchdays of the Group phase, the Blues will automatically get a ticket to the last 16.

With a series of victories being won, the confidence of the Chelsea players is also on the rise. Having appeared in disarray at the start of the season, now the rhythm of the London club’s game seems to have started to regulate with the presence of new players.

It is for this reason why Glenn Hoddle, who is a former Chelsea player, has the belief that Frank Lampard’s men now have a big chance to succeed in Europe.

Hoddle considers that there is something different from the European Champions League this season, which tends to be difficult to predict because the conditions of the top teams are not good.

For example, there is Bayern Munich, which according to him is now at the same level as Chelsea.

“Looking at the teams that are competing there, obviously there are still Liverpool and Manchester City, both of them will still be there. For Man City, obviously this is their number one priority. Whether they speak the truth or not, they clearly want to win the Champions League. ”

“You can’t ignore Bayern Munich who are still very strong, but actually you have to put Chelsea up there,” Hoddle told BT Sport.

Not only that, Hoddle is of the view that Frank Lampard’s troops are currently at a better level than the two other candidates, Barcelona and Real Madrid. For this reason, according to him, Chelsea has a better chance of winning the UCL this season.

“For me, currently Chelsea is above Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two clubs are massive, but the current Chelsea team is still better than them,”

“At the moment, I think Chelsea should aim at at least the semifinals. And when you reach the semifinals, anything can happen,” he concluded.

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