Chelsea officially absent for two seasons of transfer market

The shadow of the transfer embargo seems to be inseparable from the Chelsea stronghold claimed by FIFA to reject the appeal filed some time ago. Thus, the Blues are still bound by the penalty ban for recruiting players for the next two years.

This ban cannot be separated from proof that Chelsea is guilty of violating the recruitment of 29 young players under the age of 18. This case provides an opportunity for Chelsea to appeal, and it’s true if they make an appeal to get their rights.

Bad for Chelsea because the appeal appealed to the FIFA side. The rejection was immediately announced by FIFA in their official account.

“We confirm that the head of the FIFA appeals committee has refused the submission for a temporary suspension proposed by Chelsea in connection with the decision of the FIFA disciplinary committee,” FIFA wrote.

This case is not the only one belonging to Chelsea, previously it also happened to Barcelona. Precisely in the 2014 season where the La Liga side intervened with a mission to ask for the sentence to be suspended until the next year again.

Luckily for Barca, when the appeal was accepted and their side immediately made a major overhaul in his last transfer market before being subject to punishment, and successfully brought Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic, Jeremy Mathieu, Claudio Bravo, to Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

Found certainty, the Chelsea side clearly will not stay silent and try to find another way. In its official statement, Chelsea is ready to appeal again and plans to bring the case to an arbitration court for sport.

“First, Chelsea was declared to have violated with reference to articles 19.1 and 19.3 in connection with 92 guarantees. We accept the fact that FIFA did not receive any other violations related to these 63 players, but the club was very disappointed and FIFA had not yet received club submissions in connection with the remaining 29 players. Chelsea FC acts in accordance with relevant regulations and will immediately appeal to FIFA, “Chelsea wrote in his official account.

This situation gave rise to a lot of bad news, where Chelsea were threatened with losing some important players such as Mateo Kovacic, who was recruited from Real Madrid with a temporary player status with 1 season duration.

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