Chelsea players still not ready for new season

The humiliating defeat to Liverpool at home means that Chelsea players are not ready to explore the new season campaign. This was even said directly by the manager, Frank Lampard.

In fact, the fans’ enthusiasm for the fate of their favorite team this season is huge. Not surprisingly, the club has recruited 7 new players in the summer transfer market, including Kai Havertz and Timo Werner.

In the first match, they won 3-1 over Brighton and Hove Albion. But in the second match, they were defeated at home with a score of 0-2 against the defending Premier League champions, Liverpool.

Tomorrow Thursday, Chelsea will face Barnsley in the Carabao Cup or League Cup. This competition is usually a place for young players, an opportunity to rotate the squad.

But, coach Frank Lampard will not do this habit this time. He will field Chelsea’s main players in the match considering the very short pre-season.

Of course, the main target is to win, but more than that, the most important thing is to raise the confidence and fitness of players who don’t seem fully prepared for a new competition.

“This match for me is, of course, a matter of getting to the next round. However, I also continue to observe the fitness of our team,”

“Now we are still not fit, which means it will be difficult to maintain the level of pressure and pace of play that we want. So I will use this game for the first team,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

Lampard said that his team had not been very solid in the tactical methods they applied following very minimal preparation.

“We are in a very difficult position. Our interval between seasons is very short because of our match in the Champions League against Bayern Munich, which forces us to play two weeks longer than the normal season,”

“Then we came back and immediately played like the other teams. We also brought in some new players, so obviously we are in pre-season mode.” continued Lampard.

As is known, the preparation of European clubs in the midst of this pandemic is indeed very short due to the very busy schedule.

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