Chelsea receive 100 million Pounds of Hazard’s selling price from Madrid

The issue of Real Madrid’s interest in the Chelsea mega-star, Eden Hazard seems to attract a lot of attention from the public, including from the former 90s Blues player, Mario Melchiot. In his admission, Chelsea are obliged to let go of the player when the sales figure reaches 100 million pounds.

Melchiot judged a big advantage for Chelsea if he could reach an agreement with Madrid at the value of the dowry. As for Hazard himself, he had said he was ready to defend for Chelsea, but as time went on he also expressed interest in docking at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The interest of Hazard’s return to play with Madrid was due to the return of Zinedine Zidane, where the player claimed to be one of the French legends. And good for Madrid is Zidane is also interested in working with Hazard.

So far, Madrid continued to press Chelsea to immediately release Hazard, but in reality the Blues did not want to let go of the player. However, in view of Melchiot Chelsea should have released the Belgian national team captain.

One reasonable reason for Melchiot is the problem with Hazard’s contract, where the player’s contract will end in the upcoming 2020 season. And when the player refuses to extend the contract, chances are that Chelsea will lose the player on a free transfer.

“Letting all this go on and keep Hazard one season away, then this will be a bad thing Chelsea in business. As one of the Chelsea fans, all this time I want to keep Hazard until the last minute. But as a business, it’s not a smart move to maintain it. You don’t want to let anyone out for free, “said Melchiot.

“When you think of money, he entered into his final season and still has a value of around 100 million Pounds. If they can get it for him, it will be good.”

Melchiot was so aware that Hazard’s desire to move to Madrid was a natural thing, because the player wanted to become one of the best players in the world, and that dream could come true by docking with Real Madrid as the club has scored the best players in the world.

“Hazard’s future looks very simple. This child wants to play the best and wants to play with the best. It’s good to be the best in the team, but you want to make sure you play among players who can help you succeed and take you to the next level,”

“I don’t make an opinion that Chelsea players are not good at the moment, but are they good enough to make them excited? That’s why Real Madrid is very attractive to him and that’s why he might have made a decision regarding his future,” Melchiot concluded.

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