Chelsea’s achievements became the reason for Hazard to tease Tottenham

Eden Hazard was one of the figures who was amazed at the beauty of Tottenham’s new stadium. However, Hazard admitted he was not jealous of the changes that occurred at the London-based club. The opening of Tottenham‘s new home was opened with a match against Crystal Palace.

Playing confidently, Harry Kane CS managed to win 2-0 with goals from Son Heung-min and Christian Eriksen. These three additional points give hope for them to get a ticket to the Champions League next season.

In the meantime, Tottenham are still ranked 3rd with a one point advantage from two competitors, Chelsea and Arsenal. The emergence of a new stadium figure could be said to be a new spirit for Kane to be able to cement the position of the top four.

Responding to that, their Hazard was nothing different from Tottenham. He felt Chelsea was better and Tottenham would only become the competition’s top four Premier League decoration.

“In my opinion, Tottenham has become one of the best teams in England. I obviously don’t like it, but we have to accept it. For the Premier League, it’s good – a new stadium with top players, “open Hazard.

“But finally it was Chelsea who won many trophies, they didn’t, so this hope continues. I like it because people don’t talk about Chelsea in the last four. We are more silent, five, six and then we are ready for the fight, “closed Hazard.

Referring to the competition in the top four, Chelsea is arguably not in good condition. From the last six games remaining this season, they still have to meet two other Premier League giants such as Manchester United and Liverpool.

Seeing what is waiting for Chelsea, Hazard is confident that he is ready to face the pressure that always comes because Chelsea is prepared for it.

“A tough match is waiting for us, they are Liverpool, Man United, but you know Chelsea are a big team. We like challenges like this, so we will fight this team and try to win because in the end, we want the top four, “continued Hazard.

At the end of this week, Chelsea vs West Ham will be the initial challenge Hazard on the mission to end this season with the top four in the Premier League.

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