Chelsea’s bad results, Sarri doesn’t care about the issues of dismissal

London’s big club, Chelsea must again accept the bitter pill after Manchester United’s humiliation, two goals without reply at Stamford Brigde. Playing at home, Chelsea are considered not to develop and the result they were eliminated in the FA Cup this season.

This defeat clearly shrank to one name that must be responsible, where Maurizio Sarri was the coach. This defeat further angered the issue of dismissal of him as soon as possible, and in response to this, Sarri said he did not care and only wanted to focus on the development of the players.

This season is Sarri’s first season with Chelsea, according to him, this is said to be reasonable because the tactics and hopes that he wants are not able
to walk quickly, in the sense that it requires an adaptation process. If you dissect the results of Sarri, then it looks like Chelsea can win with five goals without reply, but then lose four goals, six goals without reply.

The instability of playing Chelsea is what makes Sarri admit there are still weaknesses in his team’s play. For that, the former Napoli coach did not want to think about the negative things he would receive later and only wanted to focus on Chelsea.

Many positive and negative responses about support for Sarri, but as is known Chelsea is not a club that is patient in waiting for the title. Sarri was threatened to be fired if a series of bad results continued to occur at Chelsea.

The issue of dismissal actually happened at the end of last week, but Sarri still looks calm and is willing to bet that the time will come for Chelsea to be even better as his current tactics have not run perfectly.

“This is clearly not my problem, I do not care about the issue of dismissal. I only care about tomorrow, how to restore Chelsea’s best performance. To try to find more determination and aggressiveness, because we conceded the second goal without determination and aggressiveness,” said Sarri.

Sarri believes that the defeat of Manchester United is a good response and will change their game in a fast tempo. He believes there will be a bright spot in improving Chelsea’s performance in the Premier League later.

“This gives a negative response in a fast tempo. If we are able to win three or four matches in a row, it’s easy. But it’s very difficult to win five matches in a row. ”

“I could understand the situation and disappointed fans because this result was not good. We were eliminated from the FA Cup, so I could understand that. I am worried about this result, “closed Sarri.

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