Choose which one: loyal fans of Arsenal or ‘cheating’ fans of Man City?

Professional footballers who compete in the English Premier League are always interesting to discuss, but who would have thought if the fans from each occupant club could be an interesting and exciting discussion to be dismantled.

This latest, appeared a survey of world-renowned institutions in the matter of discussing all-round the scope of the fans of the Premier League club. Interestingly here when the survey proved that Manchester City supporters were the group that had the most cheating on their spouses and wives.

Meanwhile, Arsenal emerged as the best by showing loyalty data to their respective partners. In fact the first order fell to Huddersfield, the most “cheating” with a value of 69 percent, and Manchester City only earned 67 percent.

Southampton emerged as third with 66 percent. Then, Fulham finished fourth with 65 percent, Brighton and Bournemouth were fifth with 62 percent cheating. Newcastle and Chelsea are seventh with 59 percent. Arsenal’s most loyal fans to his partner are 32 percent.

“We always suspect that Arsenal fans will be the most loyal and fans of Man City and Chelsea will most likely jump at the best chance. This study strongly confirms this assumption. Beware of women when dating. You might want to start by asking which team they support before establishing a further relationship, “said the survey from John Pentin, which is a data collection institution of 2,234 men.

Now the English Premier League this season only has eight matches left, for matters of title hunting, Liverpool and Manchester City are the two leading teams. While Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are busy looking for ways to survive in the top four next season.

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