City fans support the champion title awarded to Liverpool

Noel Gallagher has been known as a big fan of Manchester City, but he did not necessarily hesitate to give the Premier League title this season to Liverpool if the competition was stopped.

The suspension of the Premier League this season has been going on since mid-March due to the Corona pandemic. Before it was postponed, 29 matches had taken place and Liverpool were at the top of the standings.

The Marseyside team won 25 points over their closest rival, Manchester City. With that much advantage, it means that Jurgen Klopp’s troops only need two more wins to lock in the title this season.

It’s just that the Liverpool ceremony must be delayed, the article of this pandemic made the public begin to debate about the continuation of the competition which is still unclear. There are those who think that the competition must be abolished and the title awarded to Liverpool.

But, of course there are those who disagree with the idea. Given, in addition to thinking about who came out as champions, also have to think about the fate of the team that is still struggling to penetrate the European Zone, especially those who struggle to leave the Degradation Zone.

Regarding the debate, Oasis band member Noel Gallagher, known as a Manchester City fan, was on the side of the first idea. Stop the competition, and give the title to Liverpool.

“Liverpool have won the league. They should have given him the championship trophy,” Gallagher told talkSPORT.

Whereas those who are trying to avoid the Degradation Zone can be determined at another opportunity.

“Liverpool have won the league, so they might also give them a championship trophy. But one thing that kept them from doing so was relegation and promotion from other leagues, “he continued.

Termination of competition is not the only idea that has emerged in the midst of this pandemic. Not a few also had the idea that the competition would continue but without the presence of the audience. However, Gallagher did not agree with this idea.

Not without reason, according to him the soccer match would not be exciting if without the presence of the audience.

“Everything about football is related to fans and I don’t agree if the match is held from behind closed doors.” He said.

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