Kolom Komentar Diaktifkan Lagi, Warganet Kembali ‘Serang’ Akun Instagram Microsoft

Comment Column Reactivated, Netizens Come Back To “Attack” Microsoft Instagram Account

The official Instagram account of Microsoft has reopened their comments section after having closed it a few days ago. However, it didn’t take long for Indonesian netizens to attack the account’s posts with various comments.

As is known, the Microsoft Instagram account did make Indonesian citizens excited about the results of the survey of the most impolite netizens on social media.

The survey results show that Indonesian netizens are the most rude netizens because they occupy the lowest position in the survey list.

Obviously, many Indonesian netizens who did not accept the survey results then attacked Microsoft’s official Instagram account with various comments. This allegedly caused the account manager to close the comments column.

After several days passed, the monitored comments feature was opened and again several Indonesian netizens had invaded. The last post on the Microsoft Instagram account is about the pinball game which was immediately invaded by Indonesian netizens.

Of course, most of them still don’t accept the survey results released by Microsoft some time ago.

“The results of the survey are overwhelming.” wrote one of the netizens.

“What do you mean by Microsoft, do you mean that Indo netizens are impolite?” Said another netizen.

But there are also those who ask netizens to stop writing negative comments, and better do self-examination so they can get a good view.

“My brothers from Indonesia, let us not blaspheme, we better just introspect ourselves to be considered good,” wrote another comment, so that netizens would no longer be eyeing Microsoft accounts.

No less interesting, there are also those who associate the ‘invasion’ of Indonesian netizens with the 3rd Pancasila precept, namely the unity of Indonesia. Of course this is related to the cohesiveness of netizens who both invaded Bill Gates’ corporate social media accounts.

“Microsoft doesn’t know that Indonesia has the 3rd precept of the UNITY OF INDONESIA. Regarding attacks, netizens +62 will definitely unite,” said one comment from Indonesian netizens before Microsoft decided to close Instagram’s comments.

What do you think? What is clear, this attack will not change the survey results, yes, it could be even worse.

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