Condemned by netizens for virginity auction, Sarah Salsabila apologizes

The figure of Sarah Salsabila has recently went viral on social media related to the virgin auction video that she did. Criticism by criticism was received by the celebrity because of that action, and the figure finally apologized.

The virgin auction video uploaded by Sarah Salsabila two days ago, and although it was deleted, several gossip accounts managed to ‘secure it’ so that it became a netizens’ talk.

In the video, Sarah Salsabila claimed to be auctioning off her virginity starting from IDR 2 billion.

The purpose of conducting the auction was quite noble, where Sarah claimed that 100 percent of the auction results would be given to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But who would have thought, the upload actually reaped a lot of criticism. Not a few Netizens sent a personal message to Sarah that contained criticism. Even so in the comments column in almost every post the celebgram.

After being silent for a while, Sarah Salsabila finally spoke up with apologies and felt she had received social sanctions for her actions.

“Once I apologize profusely, I accept the consequences of social sanctions that you give, but I’m also a human being, I’m surprised to receive hate speech that was thrown at me,” she said.

About the virginity auction video, many public figures then try to make the parody. Including Komika Fico Fachriza who claimed to be auctioning off his deal with the first offer worth IDR 3 billion.

“I already really can’t see this condition. It seems like many business people have closed their businesses, like many people who are willing to violate PSBB because yes they don’t have any more money, they can’t fulfill their needs anymore. ”

“Like it or not they have to go to the streets and not obey the rules,” Fico Fachriza said in the video.

Suddenly, the parody video made many netizens laugh, then many other artists who also made similar videos. Like Vicky Nitinegoro for example.

Responding to the fact that he is being talked about on Social Media, Sarah Salsabila claimed to be vacuum from Instagram.

“For the time being, I am taking a break from social media and not responding to any DM and from anyone, if there is any circulation, it just a HOAX. Thanks, “Sarah Salsabila wrote on her Instagram stories.

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