Congratulations, Bale finally recorded 100 goals For Madrid!

The Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale was finally able to provide evidence to the public that he deserved to be relied upon. One big piece of evidence has just happened, where Bale successfully recorded his 100th goal for EL Real.

This special moment happened when Real Madrid met Atletico Madrid. More happy, because they can beat Atletico with a score of 3-1. Bale himself listed his name on the scoreboard through the third goal at the end of the normal round.

This goal completes the record of 100 Bale goals for Real Madrid in all competitions. Notch Bale is quite impressive since joining Madrid in 2013 ago, this Wales-born player is often a crucial figure in Madrid matches.

Although it was successful, Bale still could not avoid the public spotlight. Where this 100 goal is a bit late when compared to Karim Benzema, and certainly slower than Cristiano Ronaldo. This difference gives the reason why Bale is a little late, this is due to the injury factors that often occur.

Based on available data, Bale played 217 appearances in all competitions to write down the 100 goals. One of his best achievements was the BBC pair and Bale included in it with a record of 12 major trophies.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a spectacular example of Madrid’s purchase of players, where the player successfully scored 100 goals in a relatively short time. Ronaldo scored 100 goals in just 105 appearances, or almost one goal in each match.

While Benzema needed 210 matches to record 100 goals, and clearly a little better than Bale. The Bale was recorded as the 21st player who successfully presented 100 goals for Real Madrid. The goal was arguably the same as Fernando Morientes’s record, and only a little at odds with Ronaldo Nazario.

The more interesting when recording Bale’s scored goals based on what process, it was mentioned that 70 goals using his left foot, 11 with right foot, and 19 with a header. 13 of these goals came from outside the penalty box, four of them from direct free kicks, and only three penalty goals.

When dissected again deeply, it can be seen the results of 76 goals in La Liga, 16 goals in the Champions League, six goals in the Club World Cup, and 2 goals in the Copa del Rey. Congratulations to Bale, and his appearance is also interesting to help Madrid win the title this season.

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