Congratulations to CR7, Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant!

Cristiano Ronaldo is claimed to be waiting for the second child of his current life partner, Georgina Rodriguez. This hot issue rose to the public’s surface after the lover also attended the Estadio de la Luz, when Ronaldo fought with the Portuguese National Team against Serbia in the Euro 2020 qualifier.

The presence of his lover does not seem to bring luck to Ronaldo, who was forced to pull out of the field due to a hamstring injury. It seems clear if Ronaldo is worthy of being replaced by another player because he cries out in pain.

Losing Ronaldo in 11 core players has made Portugal only able to draw 1-1. Apart from these poor results, there is one thing that cannot be missed and is still related to Ronaldo. The culprit of this crowd is Portuguese media, Correio Da Manha, who first launched the alleged Georgina pregnant.

This rumour was based on the clothes Georgina was wearing while inside the stadium, it seemed that the clothes could not cover her distended stomach which was considered to be pregnant. Being in a royal box with family members, Georgina appeared wearing a black striped white shirt with a distended belly.

Until now there has been no truth to the news, both from Georgina and Ronaldo himself. For the time being, Ronaldo has four children. One of them is the result of his relationship with Georgina named Alana Martina, November 2017.

While two twins were born in the same month, Eva and Mateo were born in the United States through a process of surrogation. While Ronaldo’s first son is Cristiano Jr, who is currently 9 years old with the same hobby as his father, as for the birth process the child is the same as the two twins, and until now no one knows the mother of Cristiano Jr.

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