Continues to be a target of criticism, Maurizio Sarri keeps quiet

Since the beginning of this season until now, Maurizio Sarri is the figure most often the target of criticism when Juventus found disappointing results. Regarding this, the former Chelsea coach claimed not to care.

Maurizio Sarri was appointed as the new manager of Juventus since last summer, replacing Massimiliano Allegri who surprisingly resigned from his position at the end of last season.

Of course, it is hoped Sarri can bring Juventus to perform better, more than just defending the Scudetto title. The reason is, when handling Napoli and Chelsea, he was able to change his team to play more attractive.

The Bianconneri players appear to be struggling to play according to the manager’s wishes. Unfortunately, it actually makes Juventus lose some important points this season.

But fortunately, the team’s performance improved quickly and now the 9th Scudetto title in a row is in sight. That means, Maurizio Sarri is on the verge of the first Italian Serie A title in his career as a football coach.

However, the 61-year-old coach is still often bombarded with criticism, including when his team lately often loses points in Serie A matches. For information, Juventus have only won one of their last four matches.

But, Sarri claimed not to care about every criticism that led to him, and chose to answer with the final results.

“I might be a bastard to some people! I’m very not interested! I know the difficulties we face everyday and I think we have more data from our team than those who show opinions, “Sarri was quoted as saying by Goal International.

Juventus are currently at the top of the standings with 80 points, 6 ahead of nearest rival, Atalanta. If you win at Udinese in the early hours of the morning (07/24), practically the Bianconneri will win.

But, Sarri asked his players to stay focused and not expect head to head excellence.

“I’m someone from the world of sports, which means that ‘almost’ is meaningless. We know we have to get four points, which is difficult for now, ”

“We have to focus on one game, think about Udinese, then Sampdoria, maintain momentum and continue to realize that this is a tough period for everyone,” he said.

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