Coronavirus can be prevented by drinking warm water?

Since the Corona Virus Outbreak has become a serious concern of the world, many claims have been spread in the media about the most effective preventative measures for this outbreak.

Corona virus or COVID-19 is already increasingly worrying. In fact, WHO as the World Health Organization has paid serious attention to this Coronavirus outbreak. They have also advised all countries to start taking preventative measures.

The reason is because until now there is still no vaccine found to quell this virus.

For individuals, in addition to the use of masks and hand sanitizers, there are several other ways that are labeled effective in preventing this outbreak. One of them is to drink warm water regularly.

The reason is, so far no vaccine has been found that can kill this one virus. But, to prevent it can already be done.

In fact, not long ago experts said that the corona virus (COVID-19) can die in high temperatures. Corona is claimed to die in temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius. Along with these findings, the public speculated that this virus could be prevented by routinely consuming hot water.

Regarding this assumption, Dr. Ivan Hoesada, M. Biomed as the head of Medical HDI spoke up. According to him, only warm water is effective in preventing this virus, regular drinking plain water is also fairly effective.

“Not really. It’s not about the water temperature. So we just need to drink plenty of water, then it’s already good, because it helps to reduce the risk of inflammation, “he said at HDI Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday, March 6, 2020.

In addition, Dr. Ivan that the consumption of Ginger water is also good, because it can maintain a warm body temperature.

“It’s also advisable to drink ginger, because it’s warm. With warm or normal body temperature, viruses don’t easily modify, “he continued.

Corona virus is indeed starting to be a frightening specter for the community at this time. No exception in Indonesia, where there have been 6 positive Corona patients who have been affected so far.

In fact, surgical masks and hand sanitizers are now rare goods in Indonesia, because of higher market demand than production quantities.

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