Courtois caught on camera together with a hot presenter

Thibaut Courtois is arguably the best-selling figure in the market, not only about his career as a professional soccer player, but what’s interesting here is when his figure is popular in the eyes of women.

After being single at the beginning of January 2019, Courtois is already having a new lover. The figure of his lover is Alba Carrillo, who works as a TV presenter and managed to surprise many parties because of her sexiness.

Investigated, Alba’s relationship with Courtois has actually been established when Courtois officially landed at Real Madrid. However, it was only clear when Courtois had a date with Alba and was caught on camera both of them holding hands should be hot couples.

Interestingly, here when the public was busy releasing gossip, there was a love affair, but Alba brushed aside all of these claims by claiming to only make friendships.

“We are friends and we know each other. I am happy, because I can get to know another world that I cannot get quickly. I just enjoy this process, “Alba said.

The closeness of Alba with Courtois indeed deserves to be raised, because Courtois has not long separated from Marta Dominguez in April 2018. From Marta, the former Chelsea goalkeeper was blessed with a daughter named Adriana and a son named Nicolas.

And what made the news most curious was Courtois’s attitude, where before the goalkeeper had claimed that his move to Madrid was due to family reasons and wanted to be closer to the child and lover.

But what’s interesting here is that it’s just trickery, where Courtois has a new lover named Alba who is known to have a sexy and beautiful body shape.

“Marta and I are no longer together. Since the beginning of September, we have decided to end our relationship with our friendly and child conditions, “Courtois said to Spanish media.

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