Courtois was spotted enjoying Ibiza Sea with Instagram model

Real Madrid’s number one goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois once again become the hot trending topic in various world-renowned media. This time not about his appearance on the field, but from the side of his love life, after caught on camera he was enjoying a summer holiday together with Instagram model, Sara Soldati.

Based on concrete evidence, Thibaut Courtois together with Soldati are on vacation in Ibiza Sea, Spain. Both of them were enjoying the hot sun on the beach, where the woman sat on Thibaut Courtois’s lap.

Dissecting who is actually Soldati, it can be seen that the figure of this beautiful and sexy woman is known as a model and celebrity who often shows off her sexiness in various social media accounts.

The program title is indeed deserved to be given to Soldati as he already has a hundred thousand more followers on Instagram. Is it becoming a big question when Thibaut Courtois has not yet confirmed whether they are officially dating or just dating one night?

Speaking of the love story of Thibaut Courtois, this man is known as a big-time playboy figure. Before being with Soldati, this former Chelsea goalkeeper was rumored to be close to Alba Carrillo. But here, Thibaut Courtois immediately denied all accusations of courtship.

“No, we are only friends and will never date, because we have differences and certainly will not be united.” Thibaut Courtois said firmly.

After hearing Thibaut Courtois’s statement, Alba quickly responded with an angry expression and dared to say that he was a big-time playboy. The status is arguably reasonable, because Thibaut Courtois is claimed to often dismantle pairs of romance problems.

Marta Dominguez who was in a relationship with Thibaut Courtois for the longest period, who officially parted ways in the 2018 season. The love story of the two hot couples went on long enough, where Marta and Thibaut Courtois produced two children.

The decision to split into a new thing for Thibaut Courtois’s career, looks the performance of the goalkeeper under the EL Real crossbar and the Belgian national team was very bad. Blunder is often carried out by Thibaut Courtois so that many have attributed the decline in performance to this.

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