Coutinho has been suggested not to join Paris Saint-Germain

The arrival of Antoine Griezmann at the Nou camp seems to present a new polemic for Barcelona, where one of their star players who feel threatened will be eliminated from the main squad next season, Philippe Coutinho is believed to want to leave Camp Nou. The former Liverpool star was called to think about the possibility of joining Paris Saint-Germain, but Brazilian legend Rivaldo did not suggest it, because Neymar himself regretted leaving Barcelona and joining PSG.

Neymar did decide to leave Barcelona in the summer transfer window of 2017 to then dock at Paris Saint-Germain after being redeemed with a tag that broke the world record, 222 Million Euros. Over the past two seasons, Neymar has indeed won the domestic trophy with PSG, but the club has difficulty competing on the European stage. Neymar is believed to be sorry to have left Barcelona and moved to a less competitive competition, so the 27-year-old star intends to return to Camp Nou again this summer.

While Coutinho himself just joined Barcelona in the winter of January 2018 then from Liverpool. For one and a half this season, he has become a mainstay of the club, but in the transfer market this summer Barcelona managed to bring in a new winger, Antoine Griezmann who was mentioned would shift Coutinho from the main squad next season. Coutinho was believed to think about the possibility of leaving to PSG to fill the departure of Neymar.

Regarding matters, Rivaldo advised the former Liverpool not to move to a French club, “It is very clear that Neymar did feel unhappy at Paris Saint-Germain, and I believe he also regretted his decision to leave Barcelona two years ago. Everything is not simple at PSG. They have paid dearly, that’s normal. If I were the one who made the decision, then I would not leave Barcelona to join PSG. La Liga is very competitive and allows you to get the international spotlight massively,”

“I think if he was in France, there would be no competition like in La Liga, Coutinho did not feel the competition later because PSG is still too strong for the other teams there. He played well at Liverpool, but I’m not sure he wants to return to England,” Rivaldo told Marca.

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