Coutinho rejects Tottenham’s offer to the Premier League

Barcelona may have been dizzy with the status of Philippe Coutinho in the 2019 transfer market this summer, it can be seen how the player refused offers from super rich clubs. In other words, all the offers that came into consideration were Coutinho, who didn’t want to make a wrong move.

This story emerged when the news said that the former Liverpool player refused the loan application of Philippe Coutinho from the English Premier League club, Tottenham. We can predict that Coutinho’s future in Barcelona is not safe, because there is the figure of Antoine Griezmann who was hooked from Atletico Madrid who has the potential to replace his position.

This situation clearly led to many reactions from elite European clubs, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester United, Juventus to Real Madrid called willing to accommodate Coutinho. Over time, the name Tottenham became the foremost and has the opportunity to get his service.

Till finally the certainty came in the middle of the closing end of the transfer market, where Coutinho flatly rejected Tottenham’s proposal. If dissecting deeper, then the Tottenham proposal is not included in the requirements, where Coutinho and Barcelona really want a permanent transfer.

Barcelona is willing to release Coutinho at a price of £ 80 million. If we see this value, then Barcelona clearly losers as Coutinho brought from Liverpool in the 2018 season yesterday with a dowry of 135 million pounds.

The story that is most heard now is that Barcelona do not want to use the services of Coutinho, and what he has done in the last season is considered a total failure. His appearance on the field is considered normal, and can be called not contribute at all to Barcelona’s achievements last season.

This situation itself provoked Coutinho’s emotions, where he was willing to be released on condition that the club Coutinho chose. Now all is still in the process, where Barcelona looks still looking for a way out until Coutinho actually left Camp Nou for fear of only being a burden next season as the player’s salary is so high.

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