CR7 ‘teased’ James Rodriguez to move to Juventus

James Rodriguez became a favorite player from Italian clubs, including Napoli, who was called the leader in an effort to hijack the player from Bayern Munich. Napoli are now said not to be alone, because other clubs from Serie A are ready to compete in the transfer market next summer.

Mentioned through reliable sources, the club that is ready to join Napoli in an effort to get James Rodriguez’s signature is Juventus. The player has big potential to move to Turin, as there is the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is his close friend when both had a career at Real Madrid.

Indeed, the chances of Munich to get James Rodriguez’s service become bigger, the reason Madrid is ready to release the player with a value of 42 million Euros. Madrid’s side dared to show that attitude because they realized James Rodriguez’s position no longer existed, as Zinedine Zidane did not enter his name in Madrid’s plans for next season.

Not much different from Juventus, Napoli themselves have the intention to reunite James with Carlo Ancelotti, his former coach in Madrid and Bayern. However, it should be realized that Juventus are a big threat to Naples, because they are bigger.

Ronaldo himself claimed to have invited the Colombian player to immediately join Juventus. Until now, there has been no response from both parties, and CR7 is a new one-season player with Juventus. The transfer from Madrid successfully led the Bianconeri to the Italian Serie A championship 2018-2019.

Now Juventus are in a new project, because they are no longer with Massimiliano Allegri in the position of coach. In other words, James Rodriguez’s transfer depends on who will be the next of new Juventus coach. But clearly, Ronaldo wants the figure of James Rodriguez in the middle of Juventus’ game.

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