CR7’s happy face after being free-charges from rape allegation

In the end the rape scandal with the defendant Cristiano Ronaldo ended. It was fortunate for the Juventus mega-star that the results of the investigation until Ronaldo’s trial were found not guilty, and the result was free from a case of alleged rape involving a woman from the United States named Kathryn Mayorga.

This case initially arose when Kathryn Mayorga submitted a statement about the immoral acts committed by Ronaldo against him which occurred in the 2019 season and took place in a Las Vegas hotel room when CR7, which was nicknamed Ronaldo, was still in uniform in Manchester United.

The completion of this case also raised many questions, one of the most heard was through a statement from Der Spiegel reporting that the two parties had reached an agreement outside the trial that demanded Kathryn Mayorga to shut up about the alleged rape for a fee of 375 thousand US dollars.

But who would have thought that if this case spread more widely and through the request of Kathryn Mayorga, the Las Vegas police had again opened the case by conducting a deeper investigation. Now everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, where the prosecutor from Clark County, Las Vegas also states Ronaldo will not get any lawsuits due to lack of physical evidence.

“All prosecutors’ requests have been proceeded to the District Attorney’s Office on July 8, 2019. Based on an examination of the information currently available, allegations of sexual harassment to Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven without doubt. Therefore, no penalty will be given, “said a statement from the prosecutor.

Ronaldo is currently in China, Nanjing as he participated in the Juventus squad in the 2019 preseason tour schedule that took part in the International Champions Cup. In its inaugural match, Juventus had to admit a 2-1 advantage over Tottenham.

And in the second match yesterday, Ronaldo and his friends managed to win over Inter Milan on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the normal round. In these two matches, Ronaldo has scored two goals, each one in each match.

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