CR7’s top 3 hottest affair, which one is the sexiest?

In the end the Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo could breathe a sigh of relief, because he was confirmed to be free from rape cases. Certainty based on the reporter’s attitude named Kathyn Mayorga, a woman from the United States, has revoked all reports that accuse the player of committing the obscene.

This case first appeared in September 2018 ago, Mayorga filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo in the Nevada court, United States. In the news, Mayorga claimed to have been raped by the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player in a world-class hotel in Las Vegas in 2009.

Receiving the report, Cristiano Ronaldo firmly denied all the allegations. However, according to Mayorga, that’s when Ronaldo raped her by force which then made her feel traumatized. Indeed, the claim states that Mayorga decided to close herself because she received USD 375 thousand from Ronaldo.

After some times, it turns out it’s not easy to drag Ronaldo to the court table. Major lawyers have difficulty to presenting Ronaldo, who is domiciled in Italy since deciding to move to Juventus in the 2018 season.

Obstacles were also felt by the United States court. This situation was the reason for Mayor Mayorga to withdraw the lawsuit from the Nevada state court. Despite failing at this stage, Mayorga’s attorney said he would continue to make every effort to keep this case going on, and one way that remained was to submit to a federal court.

It’s not a secret that Ronaldo is a playboy figure, who is often rumored to be keep changing girlfriends. Next, we managed to summarize three figures from various professions, who had extraordinary sexiness which proved to have an affair with the five Ballon d’Or winners.

1. Fabiola Aguiar

Fabiola Aguiar is a model that is famous for having a sexy body shape, because she works as a zumba instructor. She admitted that she had a relationship with Ronaldo, but Aguilar did not dare to show the truth that she had an affair with this Portuguese national team player.

In her statement, the story of their affair took place in the 2011 season. When it was mentioned the 34-year-old player was attracted by the umpteenth Aguilar, who appeared sexy in the Morning Post magazine. Immediately, Ronaldo asked his side to arrange a meeting with Mayorga which ended with a brief story full of question marks until now.

2. Malena Costa

The 2012 season was the season where clarity was truly revealed as Ronaldo was caught red-handed alone with Malena Costa at a discotheque in Madrid, Spain. Interestingly here, the moment was revealed when Ronaldo still had an official girlfriend named Irina Shayk.

It was even more interesting, cause at that time Irina Shayk was in New York, United States, to do a photo shoot when the case appeared on the surface. In the distortion, Malena and Ronaldo looked very intimate. This affair was investigated directly by Irina Shayk, but these two partners never admitted.

Until finally Irina Shayk found out after Ronaldo sent an intimate message to Malena. In his case, Ronaldo admitted that he had been linked to Malena for three years. Malena’s own figure is known as a former of Barcelona legend lover, Carles Puyol and Atletico Madrid player, Mario Suarez.

3. Andressa Urach

Andressa Urach, who is a sexy Brazilian model, openly admitted that she had an intimate relationship with Ronaldo in Madrid in 2014. That special moment occurred before the Champions League semi-final match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

The woman who successfully won the runner-up position in the beauty contest in Brazil in 2012 said, Ronaldo was very enamored with the sexiness of Urach’s buttocks. That interest ended both of them at a meeting schedule in an elite hotel, which was not known to go deeper.

“In my opinion, he is an extraordinary figure in this world, so I did not believe when he approached me. He called me for hours and didn’t stop discussing my butt. Ronaldo had the opportunity to give advice to be careful, when he wanted to see him, “Urach said.

“His girlfriend at the time (Irina) would definitely not be happy. They were together, but Cristiano said that the relationship was not serious, besides that he didn’t tell me about her (Irina) anymore, “Urach closed it.

Apart from the story of the affair, it seems that Ronaldo can move on with a better life. It was proven until now that he seemed to be detached from the gossip, and seemed to have lived happily with Georgina Rodríguez and together with his four cute children.

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