Crashed on the first lap of Le Mans GP, this is what Rossi said…

Monster Energy Yamaha Team rider, Valentino Rossi had bad luck at the Le Mans Grand Prix, France last weekend. The Italian man fell when he just entered the first lap.

For information, at the French GP last weekend, The Doctor started in 11th position. However, when he entered the third corner on the first lap, the rear tire experienced a slip and finally fell.

Due to the incident, he almost made three other riders like Vinales, Rins and Espargaro fall.

Speaking after the race, Rossi, who failed to reach the finish line due to technical problems, admitted that he was disappointed. Moreover, he showed a great performance during Pre Race training.

“It’s a shame because an accident like this in the first corner is the worst thing, especially without having to go through a single lap to understand my feelings and potential on the bike. It’s a difficult moment,”

“I was also a bit unlucky, because in the last three races I didn’t get a single point even though my pace was good, especially in training sessions. So it’s really bad,” said Rossi.

In fact, this is the fourth time Rossi has failed to reach the finish line in the 2020 season. Three of them took place in a row, including in the Emilia Romagna series, Catalunya and most recently in France yesterday.

With a series of bad incidents, The Doctor then began to be very pessimistic about his chances of catching the top of the standings.

“For the title race, it’s been very difficult because the last three tracks are theoretically friendly to my performance: Misano, as we saw in the first race, also especially Barcelona, ​​and at Le Mans I was usually strong too,”

“So, we should get points because now we go to Aragon and Valencia for four races, and in theory, these tracks are very difficult for Yamaha and me. But this also challenges me to try to be competitive,” he said.

For information, currently the nine times world champion is ranked 11th in the standings with 50 points behind the leader, Fabio Quartararo.

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