Soal Lewati Rekor Gol Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo Bilang Begini

Cristiano Ronaldo admits that he has passed Pele’s record for goalscoring

After successfully registering a hat-trick in the duel against Cagliari, Cristiano Ronaldo has officially collected 770 goals in his career so far, which exceeds the record for goalscoring from Brazilian legend Pele.

As is known, Juventus did face Calgiari in the 27th Italian Serie A Giornata, Monday morning WIB (15/03). In this match, the Bianconneri won 3-1 over the host.

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared extraordinary in this match, as if to answer the criticism that had hit him recently. The Portuguese mega star scored a hat trick which also took him to a new record.

Yes, with the additional 3 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored 770 goals at the official arena, club level and the Portuguese National Team.

With this figure, the Portuguese superstar became the all-time leading scorer, beating Brazilian legend Pele’s record. Regarding that, Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been silent, finally opened his voice through his Instagram account.

The former Real Madrid star admitted that he was amazed by Pele’s figure and his previous claim that the Brazilian legend had scored 757 goals turned out to be false, because according to him Pele had already collected 10 goals or 767 goals.

“My eternal and unconditional admiration for Mr Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele), as well as the respect I have for mid-20th century football, led me to tally his tally to 767”

“Assuming his 9 goals for the Sao Paulo State Team, as well as the lone goal for the Brazilian Military Team, are the official goals,” Ronaldo said.

This means that the previous claim that Ronaldo had gone through Pele’s record was wrong, but now with an additional 3 goals against Cagliari, his goal collection has increased to 770 goals.

This means that Ronaldo has officially passed the Brazilian legend’s goal record, and this is also directly recognized by Pele.

“Not a single player in the world, including myself, grew up without listening to stories about Pele’s play and achievements,”

“And for that reason, I am filled with joy and pride because he recognizes myself at the top of the list of world goal scorers, past Pele’s record, something I never dreamed of growing up as a kid from Madeira,” said Ronaldo.

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