Cristiano Ronaldo dan Andrea Pirlo Bakal Tetap Di Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrea Pirlo will remain at Juventus

There are at least two figures who are strongly believed to be expelled from Juventus in the summer, they are Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Andrea Pirlo. However, Vice President Pavel Nedved confirmed that this would not happen.

The culprit of this speculation is none other than Juventus’ performance which seems below standard this season. In the aftermath of this, the Bianconneri were eliminated from the European Champions League in the last 16.

Not only that, Juventus is also in danger of failing to defend the Italian Serie A title this season, because so far 28 matches have taken place they are still in 3rd place, 10 points behind the leaders, Inter Milan.

As a result, the fans were furious, not a few of them blamed Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Andrea Pirlo for being the culprits of this season’s downturn.

That is why the issue of their placement in the transfer market next summer has begun to emerge. It is believed that the club management will kick them out in the summer.

Not only that, recently there have also been reports claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo will join his former club, Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane is believed to be going to Juventus to replace Pirlo.

However, Pavel Nedved as Vice President of Juventus can ensure that both Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrea Pirlo will remain in Turin next season.

“For me, Ronaldo is untouchable in this team. He has a contract until 30 June 2022 and he will stay here until then. What will happen after that we will see,” Nedved told DAZN.

As for Pirlo, the man from the Czech Republic can ensure that his team will still entrust Andrea Pirlo as the manager.

“Pirlo will remain coach of Juventus, 100%. We are committed to the project we are working on with Andrea. Dima has everything it takes to become a great coach,” he said.

Mathematically, Juventus still has a chance to become champions in the Italian Serie A and Coppa Italia, but of course they must be consistent in the rest of the matches this season.

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