Cristiano Ronaldo feels deserved to win 6th Ballon d’Or

After collecting five Ballon d’Or trophies in his career as a football player, Cristiano Ronaldo did not lose his motivation to win the title of the world’s best player from France Football. Although, the trophy does not become an obsession, it will be a lie if he claims he does not want the title. This year, in the midst of public predictions about the prospective winner of the Ballon d’Or from the French National Team player, Ronaldo claimed he was very worthy of winning the title again.

Cristiano Ronaldo previously collected five Ballon d’Or Trophies, each of which he won in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Four trophies were won while wearing Real Madrid, while one Ballon d’Or trophy was won when delivering Manchester United won the European Champions League in 2008.

This year, there was nothing wrong with Ronaldo in terms of performance, although the process of his adaptation at Juventus was slow, but, in fact last season he contributed greatly to the success of Real Madrid in defending the European Champions League title.

However, a number of parties considered that there were many players who were more worthy of winning the award, especially the players of the French National team who won the 2018 World Cup trophy last summer. Then, there was Luka Modric too, where the Croatian national team captain took his country to the World Cup final, after previously struggling with Real Madrid to embrace the European Champions League Trophy.

Ronaldo himself reiterated that the Ballon d’Or was not his obsession on the pitch at all, but was lying if he said he did not want the title. In fact, Ronaldo felt he deserved to win the 6th Ballon d’Or, as well as the first player in history to collect 6 ballon d’Or titles.

“I’ve said before that winning the 6th Ballon d’Or is not my obsession. I also did not ask that question in such a way, I already knew, in my heart, I was one of the best footballers in history.”

“Of course I want to win the Ballon d’Or for the sixth time! I would lie if I stated otherwise. I work for it, as when I work to score goals and win matches without making it an obsession. Ballon d’Or? Yes, I think I deserve to win it! “Said Ronaldo in his interview.

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