Cristiano Ronaldo is hated by Argentines

Paulo Dybala revealed a slightly astonishing fact, in which Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the soccer players hated by Argentines.

Of course not because Cristiano Ronaldo is the eternal rival of Lionel Messi. While the Barcelona mega star is one of the pride of the citizens of Argentina. These two players often become public consumption, become polemic and debate about who is better.

It is fairly reasonable, considering that Messsi and Ronaldo are the two most fertile players in the world of football today. Ronaldo has scored 626 goals throughout his career, while Messi has bagged 638 goals.

Messi is younger, the Barcelona star is 32 years old but has collected 6 Ballon d’Or so far. While 35-year-old Ronaldo only collected five titles.

Nevertheless, Ronaldo still has many supporters, of course the majority comes from the player’s hometown, Portugal. While Lionel Messi, most supporters also come from Argentina.

No wonder the rivalry between the two players made Argentines hate the Juventus star. This was revealed by Paulo Dybala, who is Ronaldo’s partner at Juve.

“I said to him,” Cristiano, in Argentina, we hate you a little because of your figure, because of how you are, how you walk “. And honestly you have surprised me because I see you differently, “he said when interviewed by the Argentine Football Association.

Dybala himself is lucky because he has experience playing with two of the world’s best players. With Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, and with Lionel Messi in the Argentine National Team.

However, Dybala was criticized for saying that playing with Messi was difficult. The former Palermo then tried to straighten out those words.

“I never intended to criticize my own teammates, I just wanted to develop something that was happening. I discussed it with Leo because we both are very similar in terms of tactics, “said Dybala.

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus Pandemic is currently stopping all football competitions. Dybala himself is one that has been infected.

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