Cristiano Ronaldo makes Juventus difficult to apply Sarri-ball

Mega star of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo looks maximum this season with more goals notched than last season. However, former Juventus player Giaccherini actually considers Ronaldo as the reason why Sarriball was unsuccessful.

Maurizio Sarri started handling Juventus from the start of this season. The former Napoli coach is believed to replace Max Allegri, who resigned at the end of last season. Of course there are great hopes on Sarri’s shoulders so that Juventus appear more attractive.

Because, while handling Chelsea and Napoli, Sarri was able to change the playing style of the two teams to be more entertaining. This philosophy even has its own characteristics and is known as Sarri-ball.

Giaccherini considered that until now he had never seen Juventus play with Sarriball, which became the identity of Maurizio Sarri. But interestingly, the figure who also once defended Naples accused Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the causes.

“The club makes specific choices by recruiting coaches who have a football base on fast passes, as seen in Napol. It’s hard to do it at Juve, because of the figure of Ronaldo, who has his own playing style. You can’t tell him to do certain things.”

“Sarri is having a hard time because this team was built for years to play a very different type of football,” told Giaccherini, who is also a former Juventus player to DAZN.

Cristiano Ronaldo may be a distinguishing figure on the pitch, but according to Giaccherini it is precisely this fact that made Sarriball not go well. This is because the players no longer play as a team.

“Juve play at a much slower pace, they don’t do one-touch football, because there are different quality players at Napoli. The Bianconeri have players who can change the match, while at Napoli rely more on team efforts,” he said.

In his latest match, Juventus itself was surprisingly defeated by Olympique Lyon. Matching the first leg round 16 of the European Champions League ended with the score 0-1.

This defeat forced the Bianconneri to win at least a two-goal margin when diving the second leg at the Allianz Stadium in March.

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