Cristiano Ronaldo still adapting, Allegri not worried

Juventus won a landslide 2-0 win over Lazio in the second giornata of Serie A last weekend, but the fact is the Allianz Stadium new Idol, Cristiano Ronaldo still unable to score his first goal for Bianconneri. In this regard, the team’s coach, Massimilliano Allegri claimed he was not worried, because there was a significant difference between Spanish and Italian football.

As is known, Cristiano Ronaldo has officially joined Juventus in the summer transfer window this year, after being redeemed from Real Madrid in pocket around 112 million Euros. With his status as the world’s best player for 5 times, he is expected to duplicate his brilliant performance during his 9-year career with Real Madrid.

But unfortunately, from 2 matches 3-2 against Chievo Verona and 2-0 against Lazio, Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored a single goal yet. Actually, in both games he had many opportunities, but unfortunately this 33-year-old player hasn’t been able to convert it to a goal.

Related to this fact, Juventus’ coach, Massimilliano Allegri claimed he was not worried, because this was part of Ronaldo’s adaptation process in Italian football which was very different from the Spanish league.

“Italian football is completely different from Spain, Ronaldo understands that, and he adapts very well. He is a very humble person and I am happy with the impact he has done so far. Against Lazio is different from facing Chievo, but in the beginning we were too careless. What’s dangerous is that players are carried away by the stadium’s enthusiasm for Ronaldo’s home debut and we should be more patient.”

“Without Paulo Dybala, it became more difficult to feed between lines, but after a while we held on well and played much better in the second half. I am happy with the team’s performance, this is our first match with another big club and everything is going well.” Told Allegri to Sky Sports Italia.

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